IP Monitor v2.3.1 Released Published: 2018-03-01
Version 2.3.1 includes minor fixes and improvements to the way IP Monitor detects IP address changes.

Check out the change log on the software page for more information.

- ThorroldFox team....
Author: Administrator Last updated: 2018-03-01
IP Monitor v2.3 Released Published: 2016-06-07
We are pleased to announce IP Monitor v2.3 has just been released.

This update brings with it Spanish translations, fixes to character corruption and many other improvements. Please see the change log on the software page for more details.

Author: Administrator Last updated: 2016-06-07
IP Monitor v.2.2.2 Released Published: 2016-04-17
The next version of IP Monitor has been released!

This version brings with it Polish translations among many other improvements and fixes including:

- Add Polish language.
- Restructure translation basedata.
- Fix broken translations.
- Mino....
Author: James Last updated: 2016-04-17
IP Monitor v.2.2.1 Released Published: 2015-12-31
This is a maintenance release to address the recent issues encountered with changes to some of the underlying configuration on the service IP Monitor uses to determine external IP addresses.

We recommended updating as soon as possible.

- Thor....
Author: James Last updated: 2015-12-31
IP Monitor IP Issues Published: 2015-12-30
We are experiencing some issues with one of the services IP Monitor uses to discover your external IP address which is causing incorrect IP addresses to be used. We will shortly be releasing a patch to address the issue.

We apologise for any inc....
Author: James Last updated: 2015-12-30
IP Monitor v2.2 Released Published: 2015-10-18
The next version of IP Monitor has been released!

This version brings with it French translations among many other improvements and fixes.

An important note with this release is that we have dropped support for Oracle Java 6. This means that yo....
Author: James Last updated: 2015-10-18
IP Monitor v2.2 Update Published: 2015-10-16
A few issues were uncovered during the testing phase of our release process which have unfortunately delayed the release of version 2.2. We anticipate the release date to be in the next few days.

We apologise for the delay.

- ThorroldFox team....
Author: James Last updated: 2015-10-16
IP Monitor v2.2 Published: 2015-09-29
IP Monitor v2.2. update is finally in its final week of testing before being released.

With the introduction on a fully implemented translation engine, the application is now available in French with many more languages to be added in future relea....
Author: James Last updated: 2015-09-29
ThorroldFox Website Planned Downtime Published: 2015-04-18
A crucial service upgrade will be performed on Wednesday, 22nd April starting at 8am for a few hours. The ThorroldFox website may be unavailable at times during this period.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

- ThorroldFox Team....
Author: James Last updated: 2015-04-18
IP Monitor Update Published: 2015-01-18
The next version if IP Monitor will bring with it many fixes and improvements. This update will also include a new translation engine which will allow the application to be available in multiple languages. To begin with we are adding French to the li....
Author: James Last updated: 2015-01-18
IP Monitor v2.1.2 Released Published: 2014-11-09
An update to IP Monitor has been released.

The latest version is a maintenance release and brings many fixes and improvements. For a complete list of changes, see the 'Changes' tab on the IP Monitor software page.

To download the latest version....
Author: James Last updated: 2014-11-09
IP Monitor v2.1.1 Released Published: 2014-10-12
A fix for an issue introduced in v2.0 has been released.
This bug prevented users from configuring IP Monitor if no settings previously existed.

Our thanks go to one of our users who reported this issue and helped us identify and reproduce the pr....
Author: James Last updated: 2014-10-12
IP Monitor v2.1 Released Published: 2014-09-21
IP Monitor version 2.1 has just been released. This release brings SSL & TLS mail server authentication, ability to specify mail server using its hostname, along with performance and reliability improvements.

For a complete list of changes, se....
Author: James Last updated: 2014-09-21
IP Monitor Update Published: 2014-08-25
The next version of IP Monitor is under development and will bring SSL/TLS mail server authentication along with other behind the scenes tweaks and improvements.

- ThorroldFox team....
Author: James Last updated: 2014-08-25
IP Monitor v2 Released Published: 2014-07-27
The latest version of IP Monitor has been released.

The version 2 update brings many new features and improvements. The most notable of which include:

- A complete redesign of the Settings screen.
- Support for plain text mail server authentic....
Author: James Last updated: 2014-07-27
IP Monitor v2 Progress Published: 2014-07-22
The next release of IP Monitor is in the final stages of testing. We are confident that the next version will be out and available for download at the end of this week!

We apologise for the delays with this release, we've rewritten a lot of the un....
Author: James Last updated: 2014-07-22
IP Monitor v2 Delay Published: 2014-06-26
Unfortunately issues identified during testing in the final week leading up to the planned release date for IP Monitor v2 has meant that we've had to push back the scheduled release date to mid-July.

We apologise for the delay and appreciate your ....
Author: James Last updated: 2014-06-26
IP Monitor v2 Development Progress Published: 2014-04-06
With development going well, the next version of IP Monitor is set to be released on schedule.

Sporting many new features, and a settings UI re-design, this is sure to be a release that will make keeping track of IP changes a more easier and (if y....
Author: James Last updated: 2014-04-06
ThorroldFox IP Monitor v2 Announced Published: 2014-02-23
The next major release of IP Monitor is under way. With a rich feature set planned, this is sure to be an update that will give you even more flexibility and options to keep track of your IP address.

Some of the new features and updates will inclu....
Author: James Last updated: 2014-02-23
ThorroldFox IP Monitor Released! Published: 2014-01-22
ThorroldFox IP Monitor has been released and is now available from our new 'Software' page.

Our new IP Monitor application monitors a network's WAN/Internet IP address for changes and performs a user-defined action when events occur.

Features i....
Author: James Last updated: 2014-01-22
Introducing ThorroldFox IP Monitor Published: 2013-10-13
ThorroldFox IP Monitor is the first piece of software to be announced by ThorroldFox.

IP Monitor monitors a network's WAN/Internet IP address for changes and performs a user-defined action when events occur.

Notable features will include:

- ....
Author: James Last updated: 2013-10-13
ThorroldFox Site Complete Published: 2013-08-08
It's taken some time, but the new ThorroldFox website is now complete!

This site will be the one-stop place for all the latest news and information about up-coming developments by ThorroldFox.

If you have any site feedback, please do let us k....
Author: James Last updated: 2013-08-08