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IP Monitor is a free, simple and easy to use application that allows you to perform a particular action when your Internet IP address changes.

This enables you to automate tasks such as updating dynamic DNS records (using scripts and clients such as ddclient).
IP Monitor can be configured to send email alerts when a change in IP is detected and notify you of important events.
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What Does It Do?
ThorroldFox IP Monitor allows you to perform specific tasks when your Internet IP address changes. Using the simple settings window, you can specify what executable or script to run, and if you have access to a mail server, send alert emails.
Key Features
Email Email Alerts
IP Monitor can be configured to send automatic email alerts when particular events occurr. For example, it can send alerts when a change in WAN IP address is detected.
Terminal Run Script/Program
When IP change events are detected, IP Monitor can execute scripts (e.g. perl or shell) or programs to perform actions. Arguments can be passed to the script or program on execution if required.
Clock Control Check Interval
You have full control over the frequency IP Monitor checks the WAN IP address. You can specify the number of minutes, hours or days between each IP check.
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